Sunday, March 7, 2010

Visit to Brenda, Colton, Kadie

We went to visit Brenda and family February 21st-February 24th between temple days.
We left Sunday right after church and arrived in Cashmere about 9:00 p.m. Washington time.
They were already for us, and it was so GOOD to see them again. We hadn't seen them for a long time since they did not come for Thanksgiving or Christmas this last year.
We had gone up for Kadie's baptism the first week in September. Here are some pictures of Kadie's baptism. It was good to go and spend a few days.

Kadie and I had a wonderful time exploring the forest, her little private cozy spots in the trees and brush, then we walked through the orchard in their backyard and picked apples to our hearts' content and ate them. Here are some pictures of the apple orchard last fall during harvest.

This trip we gave the kids their Christmas gifts. :)
Colton got a big double pack of jerky from Costco, and some dominoes. Here are pictures of them with their gifts.

Kadie with her little apron and cook set. She is making some peanut butter cookies. They turned out great!

Dad and Brenda are having an enjoyable time working on the taxes! :)

Brenda and family have a very beautiful home nestled in the mountains of central Washington near Wenatchee in a small community named Cashmere. I have some pictures of the exquisite setting of her home. This is the great room with the rock fireplace.

We are proud of Colton-----he is a good student and always makes us proud. He is a self-starter and always excels in what he sets his mind to. Congratulations Colton!

Here are a couple of pictures of the kids catching the school bus at the bus stop. I had a great time walking with them to the bus stop. Cashmere is a very beautiful place. It was a nice brisk walk in the mountain air.

I spent some time fixing Kadie's hair. She has very beautiful and manageable hair. Stephen's girlfriend had given her a haircut. It looks very cute on her.

These next pictures are Kadie's bathroom and bedroom. Her room is a powder pink with the little green and pink and white comforter and sheer curtains.

This is Brenda's hot tub and shower area. She was having some trouble with her tile work, and was getting it fixed at this time. She has a seperate toilet room and a lovely walk in closet. Her vanity area is also shown below.

These next two pictures are Brenda's bedroom. She has a lovely bedroom. The sheetrock had not been taped properly, so some re-taping and painting was being done. She had the room painted entirely the very pale yellow. With the bay window, it is a very comfortable and light room. She was so nice to let Dad and I sleep in her beautiful room. Thanks Brenda.

The next two pictures are of her entry way and living room. The door just to the left of the front door is the entrance into her office. She has a bathroom that opens off the back of her office. The other door to the left is the coat closet. The pillars separate her living room from the great room. They are painted a little darker color.

The below pictures are the great room, the double doors open onto the covered deck outside. There is also a door from the kitchen/dining room area that opens out to the deck.

This is the view behind the door opening from the kitchen area to the utility room. A nice big utility sink and plenty of cabinets and drawers.

This is the bonus room. It was also being re-taped and painted while we were there.

This below is a view of her pantry and a corner desk area. It is a nice little cabinet. You can also see part of the kitchen island.

Her kitchen/dining area/family room is a lovely room. The wall is actually a little more burgandy. This shows more pink or plum.

Below is a picture of the dining area and family room area with fireplace, etc.

She has a beautiful, rustic kitchen area. It is very functional and nice.

This is her front door, porch and entry way. Very nice.

This is the back door that goes into her utility room. That is quite a stairway. I didn't get the right angle on the picture to get the full impact of that big stairway with railings.

Wow----huge, triple garage.

This is the back view of the house. The covered deck, dining room windows on the right and her bedroom bay windows on the left with the bathroom window and on the deck the window for the kitchen, also the double doors and sidelight windows plus the door into the dining room if you look closely. The orchard is just a few feet more into her backyard.

I tookk this picture on my way home from the bus stop. Her home is very beautiful.

Look at that view!

This is her driveway and front of the house.
Side view with the mountains. The house is so picturesque in the mountains. Beautiful location.

Brenda, you have done such a good job getting your home built. We are proud of you. Thank you for letting us come. Wish we could live closer so we could help you more.

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